Google, the internet giant whose informal corporate motto is “don’t be evil”, did not pay any tax on its £1.6 billion advertising revenues in Britain last year.

The firm, which has a substantial presence in London, diverted all its advertising earnings from customers in Britain to its Irish subsidiary.

The arrangement allowed Google legally to avoid paying more than £450m in corporation tax to HM Revenue & Customs in 2008, The Sunday Times has established.

Umm, anyone want to tell me why an Irish company should be paying tax to the UK Treasury?

Didn\’t we stop all that in 1921?

Do note as well that this is all about the EU. Any person (meaning person or legal entity such as a company) can do business anywhere in the EU and pay tax where the brass plate is. Part of the free movement of goods, people and capital.

4 thoughts on “Umm….”

  1. It’s rather heartening to see that the huge amount of comments on the article are overwhelmingly in favour of Google and critical of the UK’s high tax rates.

  2. the readers including the astonishingly stupid Cable and dinosaur Nitchell don’t seem aware of the existence of VAT, Paye, business rates, NIC ……

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