Well, yes Polly

the right attacks anyone on the left born well-heeled or privately educated as a hypocrite – especially women, especially Harriet Harman.

Erm, actually, we tend to have a go at you as well m\’dear…..

6 thoughts on “Well, yes Polly”

  1. My thoughts exactly but then we recall the kind chivalry heaped upon Margaret Thatcher . I have been waiting for Maria to have a go at class war and it was worth it .
    If there were only two classes aristocrats like her and down trodden paupers then some of what she says would make sense .

    There is a class war and the target it is the middle.

  2. Of course they do, because the well-heeled or privately-educated left seek to deny to others what they themselves have benefited from. That’s a pretty accurate description of hypocrisy.

  3. Of course, we don’t mind the well-educated or privately heeled, but that excludes Harbinger and Polly – for whom education seems never to have “taken”.

  4. The crucial difference being that we on the right attack them for genuine hypocrisy in terms of beliefs held or how they behave. No one would seriously mention Harman’s background if she didn’t a) belong to a party which thrives on and is primarily motivated by pathetic class hatred b) lives a life of utter hypocrisy and continuing privilige while doing everything she can to lock the poor of this country into poverty. The left will attack people based on their background ad hominem for no reason other than to stir up class hatred.

  5. When I first saw the quote, I read “educated as a hypocrite” in sense of, educated to be a hypocrite.
    I am Polly did not mean it that way, but it might be closer to the truth.

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