What I want for Christmas

Peace on earth is a little tough to ask for. I am, despite being not worthy, loved by those I wish to be loved by and to my surprise by some who I have wronged.

My parents, my wife, my family are all hale and hearty despite some of them being in dangerous parts of the world. I shall share the day with friends, even if not with the extended family.

I am rich beyond the dreams of avarice by any proper standard of consideration. By historical standards, by global standards. I even have a choice of cats to keep my lap warm as I type.

I shall have Christmas gifts, more than I need or require, just as I shall give them.

But I still wish for more than that, greedy bastard that I am.

I wish that Santa will bring me this.

I think I know who writes the letters to Santa in my household……

5 thoughts on “What I want for Christmas”

  1. Hm. I have the set and frankly … well, let’s just say I’ve listened to it once. And I am a) a bit Chris Rea fan and b) a big blues fan.

    Hopefully you will feel differently about it than I do — if you do get it.

  2. So you’d rather have 11 CDs of pastiche, some of it apparently pastiche of non-existent musical genres, than one track of the real thing? Sigh. You are the Richard Murphy of musical appreciation.

    Tim adds: Not quite: I already have a wall full of blues…..

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