What vile behaviour

Republicans have been accused of setting a new low for etiquette in the US Senate by forcing a 92-year-old wheelchair-bound Democrat to appear three times in four days to ensure the passage of a contentious health care reform bill.

Vile don\’t you think? Insisting that someone turn up to work a whole three times in four days?

They\’re only planning on taking over 13% of the world\’s largest economy after all, nothing truly important.

5 thoughts on “What vile behaviour”

  1. If he can’t turn up to represent them in the Senate, can West Virginia get remission of 50% of their taxes? No taxation etc, etc.

    Although Coburn’s comment was a bit “Ugly Party”, in the circumstances.

  2. My Grandfather from Ohio always had a slew of jokes on hand about people from West Virginia. Sorry that Grandpa failed to live long enough to see them vote in a 92 year old for a six year term. “Dumber than nine chickens” would, I think, have been his reply

  3. When repellent KKK Exalted Cyclops Robert Byrd shuffles off this mortal coil, I will hoist a drink in celebration, just like I do when all creatures such as he die. He’s a vile old fossil, besotted with himself (the number of structures with his moniker on it is huge.) The Republicans are quite right to hold his feet to the fire during such a fundamental derangement of the US economy.

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