You know this won\’t work out well

Of course, mutualism cannot be prescribed by government. By its very nature, it is driven by and relies on the commitment and active participation of the people involved. Communities need to be able to choose mutualism as and when they see fit. What government can do is sponsor and provide a legal framework that makes mutualism a practical proposition in the delivery of any public service. How we make that come about will be top of the agenda for the new, independent Commission on Ownership, which I am announcing tomorrow.

Chaired by Will Hutton,

Willy eh? The bloke who has been running the Work Foundation? That place which has been eating its capital to feed the salaries of the top management?

Here\’s the first way that they will go wrong. They\’ll fail to grapple with what \”ownership\” actually means.

Whether it\’s employee or customer owned…..can the owners sell it?

If not then they don\’t own it do they? And anyone really think that they\’re going to let an NHS Trust put itself on the block?


2 thoughts on “You know this won\’t work out well”

  1. Nice . These people tend to think of Companuies as things already there on the page and not as the dream of one person , the risks he takes the energy he puts in .
    Its a way of thinking that could only take hold amingst people who in some way have never left school.

  2. Mutualism can work fine when not prescribed by the government. (See eg Waitrose, the Nationwide Building Society, etc). However, doesn’t “for public services” pretty much mean “prescribed by the government” by definition?

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