A complex area, yes

The figures obtained by the Conservatives showed that 185,446 people were discharged from hospital in England in 2008/9 with a diagnosis of malnourishment, compared with 175,003 who were admitted malnourished.

It is true that some illnesses and treatments reduce appetite.

Me personally (on the grounds of little more than innate prejudice I\’ll agree) I would blame the changes in nursing. Someone, somewhere, has to wash patients, turn them, feed them and monitor them. If those who in previous versions of the system are now professionals who plan courses of treatment, write prescriptions and in general have moved up the totem pole, who is doing that washing, feeding, turning and monitoring?

If it is no one then what would we expect to be the result? And what is the result? Quite. Are we thus being fair in concluding that no one is?

2 thoughts on “A complex area, yes”

  1. Plus, are some people not admitted to hospital, problem inknown, or with another problem, and once there are diagnosed as mulnorished?

    I imagine few people think of themselves as malnurished, even if, in actuallity, some of us are.

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