Aaargh, ghastly, terrible, suburban horrors!

Tristram Hunt:

Over one hundred acres of US farmland is currently being withdrawn every hour from agricultural use for development.

We\’re so much better with our Green Belt etc etc etc. How lucky we are to be saved by bureacratic technocrats who know so much better than we do what to do with our own land.

Oh Yes.

Total farmland area of the US:

922,000,000 acres.

Worth noting that area of pastureland is increasing, forest stable (that\’s forest on farms, not the great forests) and arable land falling presumably as farming becomes more efficient.

Just think, in 1,052 years it will all be gone at this rate. Nothing but suburbs.

It\’s like King Eadwig worrying about the rate at which the churls were clearing the forests for charcoal.

3 thoughts on “Aaargh, ghastly, terrible, suburban horrors!”

  1. Nobody ever cleared a forest for charcoal, whatever the history books say. For charcoal you want underwood, not timber. And even if you wanted timber, felling the trees doesn’t clear the forest, since the buggers just send up shoots and grow back again. All balls, dear Tim, all balls.

  2. …Or recyclers worrying about throwing away paper cos it kills the rainforests (that thur Swedish softwood grows back mighty quickly)

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