Anyone understand Google?

The other blog, the Typepad one.

Traffic was running along at 2-3,000 page views a day. Then a week ago is dropped sharply to 200-300 a day.

Given that almost all of the traffic was coming from old posts it\’s not because I\’ve not put much up there recently.

I have a feeling that it comes from some adjustment to the Google algorithm.

Anyone know in more detail what they\’ve done? Not that it\’s hugely important but I rather liked getting a couple of hundred quid a month from that old site.

4 thoughts on “Anyone understand Google?”

  1. Are you signed up for webmaster tools.

    If so – check the inbox, you may have received a message which explains if there’s a problem.

    Beyond that, you email Tim Ireland – he knows about as much about Google as anyone and may know if they’ve recent tweaked the ranking algorithms.

  2. it’s not because I’ve not put much up there recently.


    IF they view the site as dead, OR it hasn’t been linked to recently, then it’ll start falling down the rankings.

    Or they may’ve just decided it’s a spam blog full of google whoring celebrity pap and treated it the same way they treat other spam blogs.

    I, of course, make no value judgements.

  3. MatGB,

    “then it’ll start falling down the rankings.”
    The metric that has fallen is page hits. So either that metric is just complete shite because is making it up with some algorithm or the google ranking is irrelevant.

    “Spam blog”
    That’s more plausible.

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