Astonishing finding!

The great unasked question is the incidence of bank and other financial institution profits – who is losing to ensure bankers profit in other words.

Yes, it\’s our favourite retired accountant again.

The economy is zero sum. If one person is to make profits then someone else must be losing that money. Positive sum transactions are therefore impossible.

The only slight problem with this idea is that those societies which operated on this basis were and still are shit poor, while those that recognised the positive sum nature of voluntary transactions are as rich as Croesus.

Odd that really.

4 thoughts on “Astonishing finding!”

  1. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    Silly old you, CNH! Didn’t you know that capitalists who make their money from willing buyers and willing sellers are in fact plundering the hapless masses. Whereas broadcasting organisations who demand their money at gunpoint are servants of the people.

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