Avatar and plagiarism

James Cameron, the director of the 3D blockbuster Avatar, has been accused of ripping off ideas from two popular Soviet Union science fiction writers.

Well, yes, there do seem to be similarities.

But then he\’s also ripped off Dances with Wolves, Pocahontas and any number of other trite fables.

6 thoughts on “Avatar and plagiarism”

  1. Well, I do remember one English undergraduate once telling me that there were only 7 basic story lines. Dunno if it’s true, but if it is, then most stories can be said to be nicking something from quite a few others.

  2. There’s yet another one that is copywritten and was unpublished. It is about 3/4ths of the movie on the screen. More to come. Fox and/or Cameron have been up to no good it seems. The original writer of this movie, which has been ‘3D photoshopped’ and pepperred with a bunch of old man bravado cliche dialogue bits along with large spans of dead dialogue/high action time, is not even Caucasian. For those who felt something wrong with the film and it’s portrayal of Native Americans, there’s a reason why. Too bad he/they doesn’t/do not respect the writer. It has created a nightmare scenario for all parties involved. If Hollywood only did the right thing all the time, we would be enjoying ORIGINAL movies by the people who actually wrote them instead of taking this to court for a long, drawn out battle over a script produced years before this….. film…. was released. It is not a mistake as to why the “Navi” look like people of color. The key character change is in the paraplegic guy who was inserted to make it look like he “saved” the world and everyone in it. He was orignally a sidekick character in the script. The original ‘saver’ was in the original image of the people they hybridized (hence a ‘Navi’). There is more to come on this. MUCH more.

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