Bleedin\’ \’ell

SPIN doctors at Ben Bradshaw’s Culture Media and Sport department are being paid an average of £64,000 a year…

Now I\’ve done that job….not for a govt department, to be sure….and even including the NI payments as they say, that\’s one hell of a pay rate.

Hmm, given that I\’ve been half of a press team that got a political party to number 2 in a national election, think anyone would like to hire me? Maybe offer me a higher rate?

I\’ve even ghosted pieces for the Express, Sport, Guardian, Telegraph, New Statesman and Times….

7 thoughts on “Bleedin\’ \’ell”

  1. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    Hmmm. 64 large for professional liars, employed by a department that should not exist.

    Gives you an all-over glow, doesn’t it, knowing your tax money is so well spent?

  2. Some years ago when I was in this rough trade and thinking about finding a new employer there was always the thought that one could fall back on a Civil Service job as a press officer.

    It might not be very exciting or very well paid but it was a safe haven.

    But of course £64k and upwards for managers is not a market reward for the work but the price required to secure loyalty to the New Labour project.

  3. Effing and Blinding

    Tim, I know you don’t need any extra encouragement to wind Ritchie up, but this little story about how our taxes are so wisely spent on such useful things seems to drive at the heart of these of the great man’s big ideas:

    1. The government really wants to help the deserving poor as a highest priority, but doesn’t have enough money to do so.

    2. We need to pay more tax to help the government help the deserving poor.

    3. If we paid more tax, it would happily find its way to the deserving poor, not to assorted spin doctors, overpaid useless contractors, and assorted nonsense. That’s why we need to pay more tax – to help the poor! (and anyone who opposes more tax is a heartless bastard who hates the poor).

    Suggest to him this kind of waste goes on and he doesn’t believe you. After all, with 15 years running his own provincial accounting firm doing tax returns, he is well aware of what really happens in Whitehall.

  4. Finding such spin doctors might not be all that easy.
    After all you will have to be youf, disabled, pigmented, sexually ahem , educationally deprived and probably not too tall.

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