Climate Change

Britain\’s freezing weather: worst snow for 50 years paralyses transport networks

Uhn Hunh.

And, umm, how are those windmills doing in keeping us all warm then?

Wind, in all its glory, managed to deliver a risible 0.4 percent – which is hardly even a rounding error and amounts to an insignificant contribution to the national electricity supply. Producing a mere 163 MW at around midnight last night, against an installed capacity of just over 4 GW, that represents a load factor of four percent.

Oh, you mean that cold winter snaps in the UK tend to coincide with a high pressure area and thus near zero wind?

Umm, didn\’t anyone check this out before we started down this path of covering the country with windmills?

11 thoughts on “Climate Change”

  1. Just wait until the windspeed is too high for them to work – that must surely happen before this winter is out.

  2. “Umm, didn’t anyone check this out before we started down this path of covering the country with windmills?”
    Tim-I assume this is sarc? There’s been, oh, maybe a hundred papers, reports, etc. presented on this problem. Trouble is that most of such were mainly done by engineers. Therefore ignored by the chattering class. Now if they’d been presented by “Climatologists”, then Monbiot, et al would have noticed.

  3. Up here on the North East coast, our windmills are turning right now. There is a perishing cold wind from Arctic Siberia. But their contribution to overall energy demand is risible.

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