Motorists and air passengers face higher “green taxes” under Conservative plans to fund tax breaks for married couples

OK, so they\’ve at least got part of it right. That if you raise green taxes you should reduce other taxes elsewhere.

But the green taxes they\’re talking about, fuel duty and Air Passenger Duty, already more than cover the green costs of those activities. Thus those taxes should not be raised.

At least, not if you\’re going to call then green taxes they shouldn\’t. There\’s nothing to stop you saying we\’ll tax drivers more in order to pay for married couples: but hanging the tag \”green\” on it is simply obfuscation. Or in less polite terms, lying.

4 thoughts on “Cretins”

  1. And you really think that ‘green’ taxes are used for saving the planet now? You really think that they’re not currently just a cynical ploy to raise more money by postioning them high enough to swell the coffers but low enough not to change behaviour?

    Or is it just because the Tories are proposing this that you are objecting

  2. I think I can spot one flaw in the argument, at least:

    How does Dave know what he can do with ‘green taxes’ when his new intake rate geen issues as the least of their priorities, (not to mention his existing ‘deniers’)?

  3. ConHome says the Tories told the Telegraph it was NOT true – so what are the DT playing at ? What with Heffer and Riddell, the good of Alex and Matt is being more and more outweighed by Tabloid-type crap. Where can I migrate to please ?

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