Entirely off topic and entirely contrary to the policy of this blog in that it is uplifting

From the Tin Drummer who was having a bad time of it.

It seems odd, and overtly narcisstic, to announce one\’s own continued existence: I still am.

It wasn\’t an easy 2009, and I had to seek help to carry on. I don\’t pretend to be free of the tendency to darkness and soil, but I stopped taking medication some time ago and have found someone who wants to knit themselves to me in perpetuity, and more, to carry my issue.

From the Tin Drummer who is now having a very much better time of it.

No, I don\’t know the Tin Drummer, don\’t even know the name behind the pseudonym. But that the Sun has peeked out around the clouds of another\’s, some stranger\’s, life yes, ain\’t that good news, man, ain\’t that news.

5 thoughts on “Entirely off topic and entirely contrary to the policy of this blog in that it is uplifting”

  1. Have you read any more of that blog? What an annoying, angsty, self-important tit.

    Tim adds: Yes, I’ve read a lot of it. Rather like it.

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