Environment Agency\’s inflation prediction


More than half a million homes are at \”significant\” risk of flooding and the cost of protecting them will double to £1bn a year by 2035, according to the latest data from the Environment Agency (EA).

Current spending is about £570 million a year. If costs remained static in real terms then that cost, at 2.5% inflation, would be a £1 billion in 2035.

Therefore the EA is predicting 2.5% inflation over the next 25 years.

3 thoughts on “Environment Agency\’s inflation prediction”

  1. Is 2035 the new 2012? I ask because what with all the glaciers going by then and now all this flooding happening I figure someone must have recalculated the Mayan calander.

  2. But the technology for flood prevention/mitigation is improving. And it is very difficult to take that into account.

  3. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    Sadly, Monty, the technology the Environment Agency employs for flood prevention, namely cretinous regulation and rapacious taxation, have not improved and show no signs of improving.

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