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Hmm, yes, that\’ll do it

Are the genes of Manchester United football fans in a different league to those of Manchester City fans? It’s a pertinent question because the NHS is out to recruit both groups as sperm donors.

The government is starting a pilot scheme in Manchester this month for a national sperm bank — and will target sports fans as potential donors.

I can just see women lining up to be impregnated by football fans.

No, really.


3 thoughts on “Hmm, yes, that\’ll do it”

  1. View from the Solent

    Picture demonstrates the mental age of the typical Feyenoord supporter.
    Not to be confused with that of the (sadly, once) mighty AFC.

  2. If you want highly intelligent, reliable individuals then Spurs fans are your obvious choice. If you want odious scum like David Miliband you’d plump for A*****l fans.

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