Ho hum

Ban butter to save thousands of lives, says heart surgeon

Doctors demand ban on \’damaging\’ trans fats

Do make up your minds guys.

6 thoughts on “Ho hum”

  1. “Shyam Kolvekar says only radical action can save growing numbers of young adults…”

    Possibly dropping a large, heavy object on his head from a very great height might save “growing numbers of young adults” from increased blood pressure from having to listen to another interfering tosspot telling them what to do, eat, say, believe, wear etc etc.

  2. Noel C:

    Thanks for that cite–very interesting. I’m going to put it in a comment over at gnxp.com, where it may be of great interest (especially if it can be established that there are identifiable genetic factors associated with presence or absence of “metabolic syndrome”).

  3. I assume we all know that Dr Keys’ study was hugely flawed in the first place. He selected six countries where the data best supported his conclusions and ignored sixteen where it didn’t. Mexico and Finland have virtually identical per capita fat consumption but their heart-disease mortality rates differ by a factor of 24.

    (Data from “Complete and utter zebu” by Simon Rose and Steve Caplin.)

    But quite apart from all this, Shyam Kolvekar and the UK Faculty of Public Health can both just fuck off!

  4. There’s a large margarine factory fairly close to where I live. On days when there’s a temperature inversion the stench from it can be smelt for miles around. I won’t have the filthy stuff in the house.

    I’m on a low-carb diet (<40g/day). Without saturated fats I would find it extremely difficult to maintain my weight at a healthy level. I'm hovering just above 'too thin' as it is. Busybodies like this wanker should be shot.

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