I get mail!

On a recent post about the list of idiots I get this comment:

As one of the idiots, I’d like to thank Mr Worstall for being so right about everything. His absolute certainty in his own judgement makes me feel confident that his policy recommendations must make complete sense and that his analysis of how capitalism works is clearly the only correct one. Unless he might be wrong? But no, someone capable of dismissing everyone he doesn’t agree with as idiots must be right.

Good, glad we\’ve got that sorted out then Dr. Parker.

12 thoughts on “I get mail!”

  1. Graffito on a lavatory-paper dispenser in the bogs at University of East Anglia… “Sociology degrees. Please take one”.

  2. Quite staggering how many people in “management schools” can be so utterly wrong about this. Really, have any of them ever managed anything?

  3. Sarcasm really doesn’t work when your credentials to know what you are talking about are as shaky as Prof Parker’s are. The idiots are entitled to their opinion and Tim is entitled to robustly argue against that opinion. You’d think, if the touchy prof thinks Tim’s opinion is worthy of a response which he evidently does, that he’d try to explain to the rest of us why Tim’s points are wrong. The fact that he doesn’t, as an alleged academic, entitles the rest of us to conclude that he is incapable of so doing.

    Tim 1 Prof Parker 0

  4. “They are the people asking if you’d like to supersize that…”

    Alas no. Nowadays they suckle at the public teat, paid large salaries to write drivel in fake charities, local authorities, the Guardian, etc. They are, if you’ll forgive the unpleasant analogy, like dog shit: they get everywhere and the tiniest amount stinks the place out.

  5. Thanks Andrew K for the reference to the bio.

    Tim, you err. This man, and probably most on your list, are not ‘idiots’. They are con men.

    They have successfully worked a series of long cons on society for a long time. “Professor of Organisation and Culture ” indeed, truly wonderful.

    Sorry, but I’m with Canada Bill Jones: “It is immoral to let a sucker keep his money.” We are, or at least have been, suckers. Kudos to “Doctor” Martin for having acquired a good income and a nice life by conning us.

  6. Fred Z,

    He hasn’t conned us, we don’t count, he and his ilk have conned those who control the purse strings and those who decide what would make a relevant professorial chair in this era of expanding tertiary education.

    All of these people take us for mugs.

  7. well, I don’t think that calling people idiots for endorsing a tax on banks was your finest hour. I could draw up a very long list of people who plainly are not idiots who support taxing the banks. Even Greg frikin Mankiw support the idea.

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