In which we praise Charlie Simpson

A seven-year-old boy has raised more than £50,000 for survivors of the Haitian earthquake in one day after seeing images of children being pulled alive from the rubble.

Charlie Simpson set out to raise £500 for the Unicef Haiti Appeal by riding his bike five miles around his local park. Instead his efforts inspired hundreds of people online.

His JustGiving page is here.

Target: £500.00
Raised so far: £84,134.77

You go get \’em Charlie, you go get \’em.

6 thoughts on “In which we praise Charlie Simpson”

  1. If that dumb kid had any brains (or a good agent)
    he’d have already sold related endorsements
    bikes, tires, and I guess y’gotta wear sneakers and–if just a little older–scrotal protection. He’s a piker, not a biker! And seven years old, already–it don’t bode well for his future.

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