Independent evaluations of books in blurbs

Ritchie\’s got a book out.

Impeccably researched and packed with new insights, this groundbreaking book exposes financial capitalism\’s best kept secret.\”

John Christiansen, Director, Tax Justice Netork International Secretariat, London.

Nice to see someone entirely unconnected with Ritchie, someone with no political, economic or even working link, providing such a glowing review.

5 thoughts on “Independent evaluations of books in blurbs”

  1. I’ve ordered it ! -in the forlorn (?) hope that it is reasonably objective and not a tirade about low-life offshore financiers like me!

  2. Are you a betting man, eugene? I’d lay odds it’s a farrago of nonsense, lies, wrong-end-of-stick-grasping and waspish neo-Puritan cant.

  3. All you guys can buy into Tim’s scandium hoax as much as you like. Me–my money’s on him and Murphy being one and the same guy, Murphy being Tim’s “creature” about whom to structure scathing attacks of one sort or another. C’mon now, just which of you guys over there in England have ever seen the two of them in the same room?

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