Jesu bleedin\’ Christe on a crutch

Raedwald has an interesting little catch.

Save the Children says that the minimum income necessary to not be in poverty for a couple with two children is £626.43 a week.

No, really, £626.43 a week post tax. £32,574.36 a friggin\’ year.

Now this isn\’t entirely accurate but it is indicative*. Average household income is below £30,000 post tax. In fact, only the top quintile has an income higher than this poverty figure.

That is, 80% of households in the UK are poor.

Well, at least we\’ve worked one thing out I guess from this stupidity. Redistribution isn\’t going to be able to solve this problem. We\’d need at least £200 billion (calculated by eyeballing, so sue me….yes, this does include already the taxes already paid and benefits already received) a year to bring all of the households in the bottom three quintiles up to this standard. That\’s more than the total post tax incomes of the top quintile.

There just isn\’t enough money out there to do it.

* It\’s not accurate because of course not all households are made up of a couple with two children.  But in the absence of my finding other figures it is indeed indicative.

5 thoughts on “Jesu bleedin\’ Christe on a crutch”

  1. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    Well, that family of four will have about £10,000 per annum spent on their health care and another £10,000 spent on their education, so they only need to actually earn around £12,000 of it; the rest someone else has to pay.

  2. It’s not quite as bad as that, the example assumes that both parents are working and includes childcare costs of around £190 a week leaving a figure of around £435.

    To get that after tax would still need a 30K salary though.

  3. By any sensible standard, poverty doesn’t even exist in Britain, but this is just laughable.

    Why does a man’s dressing gown last 10 years, but a woman’s only 2?

  4. Just found this:

    “Do not expect someone who has ever had to go hungry to get upset because some people can only afford pizza while others can afford caviar. “

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