Just what we need, yes….

Peter Preston:

Why did schools take wildly different decisions about the snow? Because Ed Balls passed the buck

More centralisation in the British education system.

Oh yes.

The Minister in Whitehall really does have the knowledge to decide upon the weather conditions at each and every school in the country by 8 am each day.

Oh yes.

1 thought on “Just what we need, yes….”

  1. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    Of course the minister doesn’t have the knowledge necessary. But we can fix that: we need a Cabinet Snow Committee to advise the Cabinet, which will itself be advised by the Grit Supply Committee, the Meteorological Committee and the Weather Committee of the National Union of Teachers. This committee will formulate Guidelines and produce Advice, so everyone will know weeks ahead if schools are to be closed due to bad weather. Legislation to this effect will follow. Unexpected Bad Weather will be abolished by Order-in-Council.

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