Labour\’s bust

Well, yes, we knew that:

An impoverished Labour Party will be unable to return fire against the Conservatives’ pre-election advertising blitz for months, amid fears that it could emerge from the campaign bankrupt.

David Blunkett, the former Home Secretary and chairman of Labour’s election development board, said the party was going into an election at a greater financial disadvantage than any time since 1983, when it suffered a landslide defeat.

No doubt we\’ll have all sorts of people pointing out that this is undemocratic, we shouldn\’t allow money to determine things and this shows why we must have State funding of parties.

Hmm, well, but here\’s the important bit:

The Tories, who were narrowly out-spent by Labour at the last election,

Umm, no, sorry, you don\’t get to change the rules like that. What was just fine and dandy for your team when you were winning is just fine and dandy when you\’re losing too.

Come along now, we are British, aren\’t we, and we don\’t complain about the rules we just get on and play the game, waiting for the Great Scorer to mark against our name.

3 thoughts on “Labour\’s bust”

  1. Big campaign contributors want to back winners. For every Lord Sainsbury or Ashcroft, who support their team for ideological reasons, there are ten (newly created) Lords, who just want to be on good terms with the government.

    Labour is in the same position as a football team on a losing streak. Just not worth supporting, unless you are a die hard fan.

  2. The Great Simpleton

    Spending was nowt to do with Labour’s defeat in 1983. The longest suicide note in history, aka Labour’s manifesto, a leader perceived to be a bumbling idiot and the Falklands war did for them.

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