Lordy, lordy

A very silly move indeed.

David Cameron will pledge to restore the status of teaching as a “noble profession”, barring entry to the classroom to people with poor qualifications.

The private school system is where those without teaching qualifications (post grad degrees in education etc) can find jobs as teachers. The private school system seems to have better results.

Thus it would seem that the issue of teachers\’ qualifications is not the important one when considering the quality of the teaching.

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  1. But it is the important one when considering the profitability of universities (who have a monopoly on the provision of degrees), and it is vital to the continuance of the thought bubble the education establishment lives in.

  2. Cameron’s plan is rather silly.

    Firstly, a Lower Second at Oxbridge is worth an Upper anywhere else, and probably a First from some institutions. Is Cameron saying that he would sooner have students who did well at Poppleton than students who just about survived Cambridge? I know which I’d prefer.

    Secondly, the real problem with education isn’t directly to do with teachers who are (frankly) ignorant. It’s to do with teachers who just don’t care about learning; that makes them ignorant, but ignorant teachers who care about learning will become less ignorant. Teachers seem to fall into two categories: either they’re Sixties hippies who want children to enjoy school, but couldn’t give a fig about children actually, you know, learning things; or else they’re Gradgrind incarnate. Neither side genuinely cares about learning: the former treat education as though learning things is old hat, and the latter turn children off learning for life. Then the children become teachers, of course, and the process repeats itself.

  3. Earth to David Cameron – you want to make sure only professional lefties become teachers? Would you like to take a minute, step outside, and look at what it says on your door? Prat.

  4. Weeeeeellll! He does only speak about “poor qualifications” without further clarification. That doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t consider a certificate in teaching a “good qualification”.

    Personally I’d abolish the entire teacher training establishment. Surely a physics degree is sufficient formal qualification for a physics teacher. As for all the other work related knowledge, let the buggers learn the same way every other professional does – on the job or in their own time.

  5. Sorry got confused mid-sentence there. Last sentence first para should read.

    That doesn’t necessarily mean he considers a certificate in teaching a “good qualification”.

    Bloody phone calls!

  6. Credentialism in general is a curse. You shouldn’t need to be ‘licensed’ to be a teacher any more than you should be licensed to be a hairdresser (and in those cases where such licenses are indeed required they are no more than a barrier to entry and serve no useful function.)

    Many of my teachers were older than average and had had careers outside the classroom before entering teaching. This gave them a much wider range of experiences and undoubtedly made them better teachers. They commanded a salary premium over their State school counterparts (albeit not a huge one) but the main difference was their single-minded devotion to the job. It is really tough being a teacher in a good public school; the demands are enormous. But I would bet the rewards are also great. My sister’s teachers on the other hand (she went to the local comp) nearly ran the pupils over as they hurtled out of the car park on the dot of 3pm.

  7. Citizen Dr. Antoine Francois Fourcroy on the Jacobin deregulation of French medicine, 1792 –

    “…empiricism and murderous ambition everywhere now hold out traps for trusting pain”

    David Gillies on teaching, 2009 –

    “Credentialism in general is a curse. ”

    Well, I know who I believe.

  8. “Firstly, a Lower Second at Oxbridge is worth an Upper anywhere else”

    I don’t think that’s true. I mean, I know people with both and am pretty certain it’s not true.

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