Nah nah nee nah naah
\"Logo\" There are
or fewer people with the name Timothy Worstall in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

19 thoughts on “Nah nah nee nah naah”

  1. There is one person with my name in the USA, which actually annoys me somewhat.

    I remember looking up my name on another site a few years ago, and discovering that there were no other people with my name in the UK. So the existance of Ross F….. in the US makes me feel no longer unique.

  2. There’re 163 of me( is that right? there are =there’re? or are we/I referring to me? There’s; which is singular? Feck nose!) but only one with the prenom ‘Tim’.
    Are there no Tims(excluding West of Scotland for obvious reasons) who have twinnomes? Does ‘Tim’ exist in the quantum where if you look at him he does not exist yet thrives when ignored but only in a singularity?

    Out yourself Worstall, are you Einsteinist or yet to be proven by a subway of European proportions?


  3. Someone tell the President he’s been looking in the wrong place:

    “There are 1 or fewer people in the U.S. named Osama Binladen.”

  4. I tried it years ago and it was a heap of crap then and it still is now. It says there are only 114 people in America with my surname whereas I know for a fact there are lots more.

  5. Garbage — it says there are 19 women with exactly the same first/last name combination — and its a really unusual one.

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