Neal Lawson\’s new book

I am all for most of the alternatives that Lawson sets out in his final chapter about the taxing of luxury goods, rationing….


De we need to know any more about this nonsense?

4 thoughts on “Neal Lawson\’s new book”

  1. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    New book? We don’t need any new books; we already have plenty, or would have if they were shared fairly.

    So we can abolish this unnecessary consumption by banning, sorry rationing, Lawson’s book, and prosecuting Book Hoarders, just like it says in ‘Socialism: Theory and Practice’ (in the issue with the article about Chemical Weapons, if I rightly recall).

  2. Tell me, does he think that he should be in charge of assigning me my ration, or that I should be in charge of assigning him his?

    No doubt he admires Lenin, so in his (attributed) words, “Who, whom?”

  3. The phrase “the taxing of luxury goods” is a sore point with me.

    I was merrily trying to explain why a tax on land values is the least-bad tax on one of the faux libertarian ‘blogs a year or two ago, and after some harrumphing, the faux libertarians seemed to agree that a sales tax on ‘luxury goods’ (undefined) was the least-bad tax.

    So f*** that, frankly.

  4. We already have a tax on luxury goods: VAT . “Essential” goods are not taxed, with stuff like tampons and clothes being deemed luxury goods. I can see luxury goods as defined by a bunch of lefties forming a long, long list.

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