Not entirely convinced here

A world away from home Andy Murray keeps hopes of a nation at arm\’s length

Australian Open finalist plays down the pressure of a chance to be the first British man to win a Grand Slam in 74 years

Maybe it\’s me that\’s got it wrong. I thought there were four major tournaments, each of which can be called a \”slam\”. A Grand Slam\” is winning all four of them in the same year (or perhaps over the years).


5 thoughts on “Not entirely convinced here”

  1. Up to a point, Lord Worstall.

    To win all four in the year is indeed to win “the grand slam”. But the four majors that comprise this feat are individually referred to by tennis players as “a grand slam tournament” or simply “grand slams”, in their capacity as part of this mythical feat.

    “A grand slam tournament” is used, in this way, to distinguish these four from all the others.

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