On gender equality

Newsweek recently noted that worldwide, women\’s income is expected to grow by more than $5 trillion by 2013, thanks to rising female employment and a narrowing pay gap: most household spend is already controlled by women,

Interesting point all too often overlooked.

Women do indeed, on average, earn less than men. Yet they control the majority of spending.

Perhaps we need a campaign for gender equality in disposing of the dosh to go along with the one in the earning of it?

3 thoughts on “On gender equality”

  1. How on earth can you quantify who controls household spending? If I ask my wife to buy another bag of flour from Tesco, whose decision is that?

    Tim adds: One obvious way is to look at who advertisers will pay to reach. They pay much more for a female ausience as they regard them as the decision makers.

  2. It’s the Old Rule: I make the big decisions e.g. on Foreign Policy, and my wife makes the wee ones e.g. what to spend our money on.

  3. You can count me in on the campaign. But first I’ll have to ask the wife if I can afford the subscription fee.

  4. I recall Scott Adams commenting that given Men earn most of the money, Women spend most of the money. Who is swinging who by the whatjamacallits and singing “I am Woman Hear Me Roar”. Like Rumpole, I understand “She Who Must Be Obeyed” has to spend money on fripperies live Vim and Saucepan Scourers while I have to deal with the necessities of life like Gin, Whisky and the MG.

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