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Fun comment there:

@Lord Tebbit

If you really care about the poor, why don’t you become a socialist?

Well, perhaps because these \”right wing\”, classically liberal economic ideas are the ones that have passed the test of improving the lives of the poor. By making them richer.

Socialism has failed that very test every time anyone\’s tried to put it to that test.

I can\’t speak for Lord Tebit but I can for myself: I\’m not a socialist because it makes the poor poorer which isn\’t really what we\’re trying to do.

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  1. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    Oh no, Timmy. It’s very important to be a socialist because that shows you care, which is more important than actually caring.

  2. I love that man ,an inspiration. I chatted to him once or twice and he is a kindly and twinkling charmer in person

    Example to us all in so many ways and seeing blogging is terrific , its like an old war horse out to stud , he is loving it .

  3. Labour really is a state of mind, a religion a figment of a lazy imagination.

    Time and again over the last 13 years Labour has shown breathtaking insouciance in shafting its core vote.

    But no-one will ever, ever, convince the shaftees that their party of choice has just bent them over , glanced at the Vaseline and shrugged its shoulders.

  4. Socialism does not mind grinding poverty, so long as everyone subsists in grinding poverty. Socialism cares only about inequality. No woman in the socialist state shall have two washing lines, until every woman in the socialist state has one.
    That’s how washing lines become enemies of the state, and we all end up filthy and stinking.

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