Paternity leave

No, not in favour of it but what does that matter?

What I will be very interested to see is whether this is true:

The Fawcett Society, which campaigns for equality between men and women, welcomed the move. Ceri Goddard, the chief executive, said: “There is a huge appetite among fathers to spend more time with their children. This extra choice is a good thing.”

Give it a couple of years and we\’ll be able to see whether loads of men do indeed take such leave. I suspect that they won\’t….and that the next stage will be calling for it to be mandatory so as to promote gender equity.

It is already being talked about, after all.

6 thoughts on “Paternity leave”

  1. Next stage, they will come out saying “the voluntary option has failed, menfolk are not taking their six-month paternity leave”. Presumably because it puts them at an employment disadvantage compared to other blokes with no small children.

    So stage 3 will consist of forcibly assigning single and childless blokes to six months of skivvying for some unmarried mother, to even things out.

  2. No – next will be a freedom of association act brought in for children who would rather play with other children and not their parents.
    Not all children are all that keen on their parents especially under duress.

  3. Potential alpha male

    To Monty. Stage 3 as you outline is truly disgusting. I have chosen to remain a single and childless man so that I don’t have to support the fat lazy slappers that call themselves British Women these days. If any ” Anglobitch ” is forced on me I will emigrate and take all my property and earning power with me …. And I will not be alone….

  4. Yep, Screw the foreman, screw the company, screw the economy, screw the country, then lament about when there was industry and jobs in the area instead of desolation and a life of tesco’s shelf stacking. With an attitude like that, I assume you are from the carryon striking generation. If not we are doomed.

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