Scott Ritter

Umm, yes, well, I dunno.

Scott Ritter, a former United Nations weapons inspector, has been arrested for allegedly propositioning what he believed to be a 15-year-old girl on an internet chat room.

The truth of the matter, of course I have absolutely no idea.

But it would be so terribly convenient if such a sterling critic of the whole Iraq War justification were to be found guilty of such an offence, wouldn\’t it?

Perhaps the saddest part of the whole story is that there have indeed been such politically motivated prosecutions, prosecutors going rogue (just read Radley Balko for examples), so much so that I can even start to think that this might be one of them.

As I say, I have absolutely no damn idea: but isn\’t it indeed sad that someone like me, law abiding, middle class white guy, one of the most privileged class on the planet, ends up not trusting the law?

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  1. ‘Sad’..?

    Not at all. Working as intended, in fact. Keep people off-balance, unsure of what is legal, afraid of the authorities, and you are more than half way to controlling them…

  2. As I recall, Magna Carter was to protect the rights of the nobles- the benefit to peasants and journeymen were incidental.
    Similarly the Bill of Rights was introduced at the end of nearly a century of struggle to protect the rights of rich gentlemen- the fact that it benefited everyone was incidental.
    If your attitude to the law is in fact common among the better off and more law abiding (the two usually go together, though not always) then we might be due for another move forward.

  3. I sometimes wonder whether THEY appoint horribly flawed people to sensitive posts so that they can easily knife them when they want to.

  4. Come on Tim, didn’t you ever wonder why Mr Ritter suddenly changed his mind about the WMD well *after* leaving the UN commission?

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    It is his third offense. Either the law is really out to get him or he really has a thing for on-line under age girls. As suspicious of the law as I am, I think it may be the latter.

  6. Well, plainly you do have an idea, and a damn silly one it is, too. Not the idea that Ritter may be innocent (possible, of course, but unlikely); the idea that someone in local law enforcement in Barrett Township, Pennsylvania, is obsessed with this sleazebag’s views on WMD, and has decided to set him up for them. How could they set him up? Did they force him to type in the url of the chatroom at his home in New York state by thought control? He wasn’t signed in as ‘Scott Ritter, former UN weapons inspector’, you know – he was ‘delmarm4fun’. Still, at least we can thank the great Tim Blair for characterising Ritter as a ‘weapon of masturbation.’

    If you’re interested in Ritter’s rather than your own, fantasies, see , where you can download the officer’s affidavit of probable cause. Best not read while eating, though.

  7. “But it would be so terribly convenient if such a sterling critic of the whole Iraq War justification were to be found guilty of such an offence, wouldn’t it?”

    Yeah if it had happened in 2002/2003.

  8. This time it is not about Iraq, it is about Iran. Scott Ritter is the only person in the Western world shouting that Iran is not trying to acquire nuclear weapons (at least not yet).
    It is almost a cycle. The next stage could be a war on Iran. Which could happen once Republicans take the presidency.
    The whole thing is not that difficult to set up. In the last two years that small local police office got only 23 people this way (how many of them were charged is not known), and one of them just happens to be Ritter. Ritter also very conveniently told his name in the chat and supposedly showed his face. Yet the video most probably was not recorded. So the officer had to rely on his memory to recognize Ritter in the photos he so later.
    We might not learn many details because there may not be any court, just like the last time. But it would be enough to destroy his reputation. People had just started listening to him again after all those years.
    It sure does seem like a cycle to me.
    To give the conspirators justice, they did not try to totally destroy Ritter, even though they could, they only tried to smear him and they did their job.

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