So, this Australian experiment then

The gossip is that the Telgraph spends £45 a page getting the subbing done over the internet: bods in Australia put down their tinnies, back away from the barbecue, and check spellings and layouts.

Interesting experiment:

Geatest guitar riff named

Music fans have voted for the song with the best guitar riff ever.

Sri Lankan election: the warrior with the president in his sites


2 thoughts on “So, this Australian experiment then”

  1. I’ve worked with dozens of Australian subs in Britain over the past 15 years, and they have been among the most talented and capable practitioners of the craft – so this cluelessness is very puzzling. Unless the Telgraph (sic – what a Muphry, Tim) has just found the most useless, uninterested and indifferent subs in the whole continent…

  2. You’re wrong on a vital point Tim – we don’t put down our tinnies while writing. There’s a good chance this explains the errors.

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