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Something for Mr. E

It is Mr. E who tells up about the doings of Councillor Terry Kelly isn\’t it? Yes, I think so.

On one of CiF\’s regular columns about how Cuba isn\’t really badly off you know, it\’s just a different set of priorities, the distinguished Councillor has made a number of comments. All of which have been expunged by the moderators.

I recall the general tenor of them from before they were so removed. Fidel\’s a great man, Cuba\’s the business, you\’re all ghastly baby eating fascists for not liking it and so on.

Not really all that different from the drivellings of Richard Gott and other fellow travellers, although obviously with Our Terry\’s unique lack of intelligibility, spelling or grammar.

Which makes me wonder why they have been wiped out? It couldn\’t be that such support from such a quarter was simply too embarrassing could it?

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