Spot the connection

I think we\’ve done this before but why not again?

The greatest piece of children\’s television ever ever.

And from quite possibly the greatest movie ever ever.

And the connection is?

6 thoughts on “Spot the connection”

  1. Frank Oz – Puppeteer with the Muppets/Sesame Street (best known in the UK for Fozzie Bear) and the clerk in the Cook County Tax Office in the Blues Brothers.

    The other connection, of course, is that both clips feature absolutely fantastic pieces of soul/R&B music.

    Tim adds: Interesting thought but no. Frank Oz is the guy in the prison personal effects office (“One condom, used”). The tax guy is Stephen Spielberg. There’s a more direct connection anyway.

  2. Um – Ray Charles was blind; so is Stevie Wonder. Too obvious?

    Tim adds: Good grief, that one hadn’t even occured to me. No, not that.

  3. Matt ‘Guitar’ Murphy on guitar. And I think that’s Ron Jeremy playing trumpet for Stevie.

    Tim adds: Murphy? Is it? Didn’t know that at all. And if it’s Ron then I’m wrong about what I thought the connection was….Tom Malone and Mr. Fabulous I thought it was in both.

  4. It’s not really Ron Jeremy, at least I doubt he’s ever been on Sesame Street. I think you’re right, it’s Mr Fabulous.

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