Tempus Mutandis

What a difference a few days makes for our Ritchie.

Jan 4th.

businesses don’t pay taxes. People do.

Rather curiously on NI I agree with Worstall.

Come on guys. You need to agree a line. You can’t both be right.

Employment taxes are bourne by employees.

Jan 6th.

First it gives lie to the argument that taxes on employment are paid by employees

Employment taxes are not bourne by employees.

Ho hum….

10 thoughts on “Tempus Mutandis”

  1. Effing and Blinding

    He still doesn’t get this ‘paid v borne’ bit.

    Who writes the cheques (particularly for an intangible entity) doesnt overly matter because an intangible entity doesn’t need to eat.

    Who bears it (ie which human beings bear it) is important because it tells us who is or who is not better off amongst the live human beings who do need to eat.

    The fact he writes tax policy for the TUC without telling members how it affects them (or even thinking it is important – see his comments at the bottom of 4th Jan entry) is sheer recklessness. A bit like walking into a cockpit of a plane and pressing a button without any idea (or care) what will happen next.

    How the TUC can keep him on when he doesnt even address the main concern of union members is beyond me.

  2. That’s your key mistake, you presume the TUC wants to look after the main concerns of union members. Observational evidence suggests this is most certainly not the case.

  3. Effing and Blinding

    Sorry Phil, I agree, my sarcasm wasn’t particularly clear.

    Yes, Ritchie indeed writes for the Dave Spart class warriors who pay him, not the ordinary members. I can only hope such members don’t bother reading his drivel.

  4. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    Kay Tie,

    The Government pays them (they receive a large amount of state cash each year to subsidise their nefarious activities, some of which they kick back to the Labour Party), which means, of course, that you and I pay them.

  5. Effing and Blinding

    Kay Tie:

    The poor mugs paying the dues, I assume. Not exactly getting their money’s worth.

    It is one thing if Ritchie is wrong in his analysis. Whatever. But he doesn’t even write from the perspective of the union member – they aren’t even on his radar screen.

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