That Blitz spirit

MOTORISTS desperate for sand to spread over icy and snow-covered roads have been raiding beaches.

You know, make do and mend, get on with things without waiting for the government to \”help\”.

7 thoughts on “That Blitz spirit”

  1. Yes, when one hears people moaning about how the council haven’t cleared their road or pavement.

    You are an able bodied young man. Clear your own street! Jeepers…

  2. Ben, if you clear your road or pavement and someone slips on it, you are personally liable. However, if you fail to clear your private path and someone slips on it, you are also personally liable.

  3. Depends on the policy and how “negligent” is applied. So, clear your street and frontage walkway, haul your rubbish to the landfill, maintain your water/sewage connection and hope the rest do as well, patrol the neigborhood, etc. all while admiring all that shiny equipment parked at the impressive township hall and lot and try to determine exactly what that 4 figure check you send twice a year to the township was supposedly to accomplish.

  4. I suppose if I separated our used cat litter into (1) poo-rich, and (2) pee-rich, I could use the latter on the ice, to help traction. I think we are told not to add (1) to our compostables bin.

  5. Technically, removal of sand from a beach is theft unless you have the appropriate licence. Which is why you should scoop up the blown sand that piles up against garden walls close to the promenade in many resorts. It’s free for you to take away and you are doing everyone a favour.

  6. We could have come through this winter with rather more aplomb, if unhelpful legal constraints had been lifted. During a local emergency, county councils should have the power, and the duty, to rescind the following:

    1. Farmers using red diesel for gritting and ploughing the public highway should be protected against threats of prosecution by the Revenue dorks. Same for boat owners using marine grade diesel, who muster their vessels for transporting people.

    2. Householders and Business owners who clear the snow and ice from the public street should be protected against lawsuits from members of the public who slip and fall.

    3. Local volunteers should be allowed to collect sand from our beaches, and put it to good use for the service of the public.

    4. Land owners who open up a cross-country ski route across their land should be protected from civil suits.

    5. School closures should result in the suspension of the legal penalties for leaving your children in the care of an unlicensed friend or neighbour.

    We have this perverse system in which you can turn out to help in a crisis, with whatever you can muster (wind up torches, bottled water, tinned food, a dinghy, your horse and cart, access to your land, whatever…) and the first thing you find out is that you are now subject to a punitive lawsuit or even criminal charges. We have to stop penalising people who rally round to help.

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