That lost Amazon civilisation again

Science now reveals that the Amazon was not some primitive blank slate, but home to an advanced civilisation. The steady erosion of the forest can therefore be seen not only as an act of environmental vandalism, but also as a crime against history, based on a misreading of the past that one eccentric Englishman dared to challenge almost a century ago.

Erm, evidence of a civilisation that chopped down the rainforest means that it is vandalism if we chop down the rainforest which we now know can and will regrow?


4 thoughts on “That lost Amazon civilisation again”

  1. Very strange article. It approaches the ‘So bad it’s not even wrong’ level, but at least it gets the self-description right:

    “Outsiders have always projected their fantasies on to the wilds of South America”

  2. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    It was a crime against history, all those English people chopping down the oak forests. They’ll never regrow, you know.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    It could be that he means cutting down the forest has made it too easy for archaeologists to find such places. Much better if they were still covered in forest and Indiana-Jones-types had to go in with machette in hand and never come out?

  4. @SMS,

    Part of the reason for my ‘not even wrong’ comment.
    Being visible in the satellite imagery does not require any chopping down of the jungly tendrils; it merely requires appropriate satellite or aerial imagery, and someone to examine it.

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