That Tiger Woods computer game

EA has announced that they\’re going to go ahead and release the new Tiger Woods game.

Pretty obvious really, they\’ve already spent a fortune on developing it.

But it did make me think. What should the next Tiger Woods computer game include?

Elements of Grand Theft Auto perhaps? You\’ve got to track down and seduce one of his mistresses before you can tee off perhaps?

6 thoughts on “That Tiger Woods computer game”

  1. Why would they not release it? They should add some porn to it…intuitive really that computer gaming people are big pornography consumers…Gaming + porn = can’t go wrong ……BUY THIS GAME AND HELP TIGER PUT IT IN THE HOLE!!!!!!

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  3. They could make it like Mario Kart except you also have to evade some mad blonde woman coming after you with a five iron while trying not to drive into a tree.

  4. I’d be surprised if they’ve spent millions on developing it – they don’t seemt to change much year on year (and they release them every year)

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