The Telegraph\’s Australian experiment

Still going strong I see:

Avatar banned by Chinese sensors because plot \’could cause civil unrest\’

Wonder if that headline made it into the print version?

But Chinese sensors are reportedly

Same mistake in the body of the piece as well….someone using a spell checker here?

As to the larger issue this is of course delicious. To American audiences the movie seems to turn on how bastardly the American government is in exploiting the aliens. To the Chinese audience it\’s about how bastardly the Chinese government exploits the Chinese populace.

What people read into allegories depends upon the people more than the allegory.

4 thoughts on “The Telegraph\’s Australian experiment”

  1. I suspect it’s got something to do with guilty consciences, myself.

    Self-hating, white, librul, middle-class guilt on the one hand and genuine guilt for crimes against their own people on the other.

  2. “Self-hating, white, librul, middle-class guilt”

    When precisely did the word “liberal” mutate into meaning “authoritarian”? I’m going to get all frothing-retired-Major about the abuse of our language soon.

  3. Uh about when a bunch of efties in the US hijacked the word. That’s why it’s deliberately mis-spelt in my comment – to differentiate the incorrect usage of the word from its proper meaning.

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