The Vatican tells the truth!

No, not about one of those boxes down in hte basement, nor a sheepish admission that this celibacy thing is all a joke. Still:

\”It has a great deal of enchanting, stunning technology, but few genuine or human emotions,\” wrote L\’Osservatore Romano.

\”Its significance is in its visual impact rather than in the story, and in its messages, despite the fact that they are hardly new.

\”Cameron, concentrating on the creation of the fantasy world of Pandora, chooses a bland approach. He tells the story without any profound exploration.\”

The plot descends into sentimentality, the Vatican newspaper said, and \”a rather facile anti-imperialist and antimilitarist parable which doesn\’t have the same bite as other more serious films.\”

Sounds liike a pretty good description of Avatar actually.

5 thoughts on “The Vatican tells the truth!”

  1. Cameron, concentrating on the creation of the fantasy world

    Just for a moment there I thought they might have been discussing HM Opposition.

  2. I saw it just before Xmas. Visually stunning, but with a predictably leftist storyline, evil American capitalist exploiters vs Saintly, wise, at-one-with-nature, Pandorans.
    A waste of 3 hours.

  3. Tim,

    As far as the movie’s concerned, I have not seen it, nor care to see it; but from that review, it seems to be James Blish’s ‘A Case of Conscience’ with a bad case of role reversal. If you’ve not read it, I recommend it, but ‘Dearieme’ probably wouldn’t like it – the hero’s a Jesuit.

    As far as the Vatican telling the truth’s concerned, one can only say that in November 2008 they revealed that Gramsci had died reconciled to the Church. Like Voltaire. Like Talleyrand (of all people!), etc., etc., etc……

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