They are getting desperate

Labour is investigating legal action to block Tory peer Lord Ashcroft from funding the Conservative election ­campaign in a dramatic, last-ditch attempt to wreck David Cameron\’s push for Downing Street.

The party\’s high command, worried about being outspent by the Conservatives, believes it has a case to cut off the flow of Ashcroft\’s millions during the campaign because the peer is still subject to an inquiry by the official spending watchdog, the Electoral Commission.

Labour fears that investigations by the commission into Bearwood Corporate Services, an Ashcroft-owned company that has given more than £3m to the Tories, could drag on beyond the election. It argues that it would be wrong, and undemocratic, for the Tories to bene­fit from funds that could yet be judged inadmissible by the commission.

And of course the funds could be ruled admissible in which case denying the Tory Party the use of them would be both wrong and undemocratic.

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  1. And what about Sraj Paul and all the other NuLabor billionaire donors that have now got high positions in their party – and it was not due to their intelligence, hard work and especially ethical standards

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