Things to do in 2010

1) Smoke less.

2) Cycle more.

3) Eat better.

4) Drink better not less.

5) Be nicer.

6) No, we have enough dogs.

7) And cats.

8) Annoy Ritchie.

9) And the nef.

10) Well, looks like it\’s about time to do it then. The Chinese are threatening to cut off rare earth exports meaning that the high tech industrial world will either collapse or all move to China. Scandium\’s in short supply meaning that the fuel cell industry can\’t advance to try and aid in halting climate change. We\’ve done and paid for all the necessary testing and the investment money is available (ish). There\’s that 8 million tonne flow a year of poisonous waste to clean up. Doing so would reduce bauxite mining, ilmenite mining and iron ore mining. So that\’s the plan for this year.

Clean up Gaia, reduce the rape of Gaia, cool Gaia and all for the entirely selfish purpose of making money.

So, tell me, what are you going to do this year?

4 thoughts on “Things to do in 2010”

  1. In 2009 I took the massive step of mixing my own muesli. I don’t yet know how I am to equal that in ’10.

  2. Forget 1: cutting down is next to impossible, cos within a fortnight you are smoking even more than before. Easier to pack it in altogether, if that is on.

    Try matching Brian – much more fun. Are there really that many beers on the market?

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