Well, yes, but who defines?

Measures to combat cheap drink offers and after hours nuisance will be unveiled by the two main parties, signalling an end to inappropriate promotions whatever the general election result.

Who defines \”inappropriate\”?

There are, quite seriously, those out there who insist that serving a third pint of an evening to someone is \”inappropriate\”. Do they get to have their say as well?

9 thoughts on “Well, yes, but who defines?”

  1. ‘Inappropriate’ is a very useful term in policymaking circles, because it allows the Government to keep turning up the ratchet to keep the Daily Mail onside without ever having to resort to any objective or scientific standards.

  2. My dentist recommended a mouthwash. I went to the chemist – it’s 5% alcohol. But I was also solemnly offered the alcohol-free variety.

  3. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    We are actually to be permitted an election, then? Provided the outcome makes no difference to Government Policy, I suppose.

  4. Put me in the club of those who think serving 1/3 of a pint is inappropriate.

    Tim adds: Nowt wrong with stoups. A traditional Midlands measure of brown ale for the ladies.

    No, really, it is/was. Although as someone from south of Watford Gap I do ponder the culture of a society where ladies drink brown ale.

  5. Why should ANYONE tell me how much to drink, either at home or anywhere else?

    If we gave orders to the police and limp-wristed judges to robustly enforce the D&D laws as they stand (ie lock up drunks overnight and fine heavily them the following day; repeat as required) the problems routinely shown on TV of inebriated idiots falling over up and down the UK’s High Streets on a Friday night would disappear pdq. Let’s reinstate the idea of personal responsibility i.e. if you get p***ed you suffer the consequences..yes YOU not ME!!

    Why should I pay more for a pint because the police and courts won’t do the job I pay them for?

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