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MORE than 1,000 sheep are being kept in British prisons, shock figures have revealed.

I didn\’t know we catered to the Welsh quite that much.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice said the creatures are kept for job training purposes and to help reduce self-harming.

Bit odd to claim that self-abuse is the same as self-harm in this modern day and age but what job could they possibly be training the prisoners to do? Pimp?

11 thoughts on “What?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    I think the theory goes that if prisoners can be taught not to kill their pets, they may work their way up to not killing the rest of us.

    Seems a little obvious when you think about it.

    So they are given animals to look after and those that do it well may get a more sympathetic hearing at their parole board.

  2. Well it stops the prisoners from being “Baaaaad” doesn’t it?
    As the Warders say “When will I see Ewe again?” and stop bleating about the conditions.
    I’ll get me coat…

  3. Stone walls do not a prison make,
    Nor iron ‘bahs’ a cage;


    (Unless you are an iron hoof
    They will your lust assuage ?)

    I am sure Richard Lovelace would thank me for thet improvement to his lyric were he alive .

  4. Mary had a little sheep
    And with her sheep she went to sleep.
    The sheep turned out to be a ram
    And Mary had a little lamb.

  5. Mr Newman,

    More likely the hack is confusing a life spent life grazing in the fields owned by HMP Dartmoor to one spent staring at the walls of a room in one of Her Maj’s Hard-to-leave Hotels.

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