When the Swiss say death tax

They really mean death tax:

Twenty-three Britons have died at Dignitas, a suicide clinic in Zurich, in the past year alone, while several hundred more are believed to be on its waiting list.

Under the plans groups such as Dignitas face large fines for assisting anyone who has not lived in Zurich for at least a year.

Voters will go the polls later this year to decide on the new \’death tax\’. If more than 50 per cent of the electorate vote in favour, the proposal could become law.

At present, Dignitas charges about £5,000 to organise a suicide. The fine could be six times this and local politicians said they believed it would be incorporated into the fee charged to the person ending their life.

Daniel Suter, Zurich President of the Swiss Federal Democratic Union Party (EDU) which is proposing the vote, said: “Normally people come to Zurich two or three days before they want to die.

“By saying that people must live in Zurich for at least a year, we believe this will cut down the number of suicides dramatically. There needs to be an end to death tourism.

\”Really the question that the voters are being asked is: \’Do we want this kind of tourism in our canton?’ “We anticipate the fine will be passed on to the person committing suicide by the suicide organisation.

Wonder if we\’ll see online appeals: \”I need £30,000 so that I can die\” sort of stuff? Further macabre questions could be asked: will it be deductible from the inheritance tax bill?

2 thoughts on “When the Swiss say death tax”

  1. Well you can’t blame them for capitalising on their unique market position. But I reckon they have set their price too high for their own good, which might just serve them right for being greedy.

    We have seen abortion ships operating in international waters, and it may now become cost effective for euthanasia ships to do likewise.

  2. What happens if the deceased does not have the funds? The taxman pops round with a shovel? I hope our Celestial Helmsman does not get ideas…

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