Who says Britain doesn\’t manufacture anything any more?

I present to you perhaps the most fun available on four wheels: The 2010 Lotus Evora. No, not fun. Joy. Inexpressible, diamond-showering, running-naked-through-a-field-of-virgins ecstasy. Handling perfection. This is transit gloria, and it is sick.

In my career as an automotive journalist, I\’ve never written these words: I am going to buy one.

….A ruptured fire hydrant of pleasurable endorphins……Exiting a tight hairpin, you can get on the gas hard — the traction control system offers minimal interference — and the car swivels with heavenly, progressive power-on oversteer, gaining degrees of crossed-up heroism until you breathe the throttle. Bang the rev limiter, slam the gear. Ya-freakin\’-hoo. It\’s like corner-carving on skis in fresh powder. My God, that\’s fun…….The tweaked Toyota V-6 stuffed under the rear glass is smooth, powerful (276 hp) and torquey (258 pound-feet of torque, almost all of which is available above 1,800 rpm), and yet for all its Japanese precision and efficiency, it still sounds as raunchy as a live sex show…….


2 thoughts on “Who says Britain doesn\’t manufacture anything any more?”

  1. Ahh, you’re bringing memories of my old Elise.

    “The mid-engine Elise and its many variants are absurdly tiny and impractical cars that one enters much the way dressing enters the backside of a Thanksgiving turkey.”

    All true, but I’d have it back in an instant.

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