A terminally-ill volunteer is being sought to donate their body for a reality television show backed by Channel 4 that would see them mummified and possibly placed on display in a museum.

No, not that, I\’m sure there are weirder shows in development.


Fulcrum is not offering any payment for the project, other than to meet costs. \”The advice from our compliance lawyers is that it would be wrong to offer payment,\” Mr Belfield said.

Why is something all fine and dandy as long as filthy lucre doesn\’t come into it but offering a bit of cash so somebody can die in a sea of champagne makes it evil?

2 thoughts on “WTF?”

  1. Because without the money the program makers can claim to be educating the public and documenting life. They can pretend to be observers, separate from the story. “It would have happened even if the cameras were not present”

    However with the money, they are part of the story. They can never escape the claim that the story is the result of media activity. It becomes like “Endurance” – in other words entertainment.

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