A communist reviews…

Well, actually, a communist reveals his blithering idiocy:

In one room, Jane and Louise ­Wilson\’s film Star City, shot on location, is shown on all four walls using four projectors. It\’s an all-­encompassing, smothering experience, symbolising the capitalist state\’s suppression of the individual for the sake of profit.

Eh? We\’re comparing the Soviet Union with capitalism and saying that capitalism does (OK, did) the suppressing of the individual?

The space race wasn\’t about ­getting to the moon: it was about who might get control of space, and what that might mean for peace on Earth. The ­exhibition\’s main theme is ­escapism – both through the space race and science-fiction. I took this to be ­symbolic of the escape from capitalist barbarism that the Soviet system as a whole achieved.

The Soviet system was less barbarous?

Now, where did I put that cluebat?

3 thoughts on “A communist reviews…”

  1. “The US response to Sputnik blew up on its launchpad”

    Two questions: How many failures did the Soviet program suffer? How many were officially acknowledged?

    Actually, the space race was about getting to the moon; not for technological or exploratory reasons, but simply as a “fuck you” from JFK to the USSR.

    “life under the Soviet ­Union wasn’t the grey, backward stuff of US propaganda: it was full of life and colour.”

    Even Soviet propaganda shows it as grey and backward in comparison to the West, just not as grey and backward as it actually was.

    The guy’s clinically insane, even by the standards of the Grauniad.

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