Ali Dizaei

Commander Ali Dizaei became the highest-ranking officer to be convicted of a criminal offence in 33 years. A jury took 10 minutes to convict…..

Those last 7 words speak volumes about this case.

7 thoughts on “Ali Dizaei”

  1. It is very interesting that the Guaradian will not allow any comments to be posted on their stories on Dizaei’s conviction…

  2. And now the ice has been broken, perhaps they could give him a going over on the other possible charges he could have faced.

    The trial could be set for a couple of years from now, when he gets early release from his present sentence.

  3. I’d hang the fucker. Plod needs to reacquaint itself with its proper position vis-a-vis the public: i.e. we call the shots, not some jumped-up little Feldwebel in a stab vest.

  4. All other news papers report that the jury took two hours and 31 minutes to reach their verdict.

    Petrified Peter – the Guardian doesn’t allow comments to be made on any news article. Only only on opinion pieces in the CIF area.

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