Apparently I\’ve upset Ritchie

Here (yes, it continues).

Given the things he\’s called me over the past couple of years I thought that was pretty mild: as well as being apposite.

8 thoughts on “Apparently I\’ve upset Ritchie”

  1. I come to the whole Ritchie thing a bit arse about face . I assumed he was some especially foolish blogger that you chose to play with ,as a cat tortures a mouse .
    I was staggered to read P Toynbee referring to him as if he were the acknowledged fount of all economic wisdom …my moment when something like
    “ What you mean that idiot Worstall is always taking the piss out of , you mean that is your authority for this … Polly , oh dear me and I was taking you seriously for a moment there “ ”

  2. Tim: ‘Do you have any data which led support to your argument?’

    Ritchie: ‘I have no data, because gathering it is impossible. There is no way to prove or disprove my argument, and no data to suggest what the outcome might. In fact, the rightness or otherwise of my argument is entirely unknowable. Therefore we must implement it immediately.’

    Tim: *head asplode*

  3. He is a funny one.

    I have been on the end of a fair bit of his verbal abuse at his own blog, and have been politely told that if I don’t like a bit of rough and tumble, to move on.

    And as soon as he is on the receiving end (and I think what Tim said was very mild), he acts all hurt.

    Sure sign of a bully.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    I read that and kept expecting the RSPCA to step in and arrest TW to prevent any more needless cruelty to a dumb animal.

    If he was a Labrador, I’d have him put down.

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